11th Annual Nano Ontario Conference & Exhibition

Virtual Conference

November, 4 2021
8.35 AM - 7.30 PM EST

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Nano Ontario

Enabling Sustainable Nanoscale Science 

Nano Ontario is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the development of nanotechnologies in Ontario. Our mission is to advise government, research institutions and industry on Ontario’s economic opportunities, policy, commercial capacity, standards and regulations linked to nanotechnology R&D, and to create connections and bridging initiatives within Ontario, across Canada, and internationally.

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Message from the Chair of Nano Ontario

It is with an immense pleasure for NanoOntario to celebrate the 11th edition of its annual conference. Last year we had to cancel this venue in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which created overwhelming circumstances that affected all of us. This year, we decided to choose a virtual conference; hopefully, next year it will be, once again, ‘like before’. Gathertown online platform will be used for the conference enabling meetings within a fun environment. Our two keynote speakers are Prof. Catherine J. Murphy, an inorganic chemist designing nanomaterials to be used for a variety of applications such as cellular imaging, chemical sensing and photothermal therapy, and Prof. Prashant V. Kamat, a physical and materials chemist developing new tools for light energy conversion. Both are worldwide stars who are currently leading inspiring research programs in nanoscale science. In addition to the oral and poster presentations, a career panel with professionals with a background or education in nanoscience, and representing a wide range of careers, is scheduled. Work search in post-pandemic time will definitely a challenge for many of our graduating students: this career panel will provide a few keys to facilitate interviews and connections to seek for a dream job. Dr. Stefania Impellizzeri, Dr. Nariman Yousefi and Dr. Hadis Zarrin are the mastermind from Ryerson University who organized the excellent program for this 11th edition. I sincerely congratulate them for their leadership in organizing this one-day conference in a complex situation, thus ensuring that Ontario’s excellence in nanoscale science and technology is actively represented by our researchers and students at the highest level.

François Lagugné-Labarthet

Chair of NanoOntario Inc.